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but mrs_engineer wasn't/isn't, but . So as a bit of back story, she has a good friend who moved a few blocks from us. mrs_e tells me her friend/hubby have been having issues and friend came up w/ idea to help out. No matter what they have sex once a day. Big deal, we've been there done that. Mrs_e decides we should do it again. I not going to argue, I've been working out again and my sex drive is up as my weight goes down. However the last time we did this you couldn't say no even if it all you could muster was enough energy to be a masturbation doll for the other. So this time mrs_e says who ever says no gets punished. For her friend that means who does the dishes, laundry Housewives seeking nsa Coast guard isla California 94501 etc. But mrs_e decided we needed something more fun. So off we go. Friday was the first day one of us said no it was her, she was beat. So Sat morning over coffee she asked me of her punishment. I told her I hadn't decided. That night after a day landscaping, thinking of myself and not punishment for her, all I really wanted was a nice slow massage to work the knots out of my back, a slow BJ and sleep. I told her, happy to give me the massage, I could tell she was dissapointed in the punishment. After my back started to feel better, I was really excited. Starting part two of her punishment, I could tell this wasn't going to take. I was getting close and she start jerking me to finish. That's when I sat up, told her to move to the floor, she got a little smile, "saying, oh do you want to it shoot on my tits would you like that?" Thinking more of her punishment, I told her no, I want to watch it drip from her mouth onto her tits. Her eyes got big and I could the "oh, hum" boring service she thought she was giving was changing. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth back to work. I was looking down at her, about to cum, she said, "do you want me to open my mouth for a target, so you can shoot it in my mouth and my face? Would you like that?" I which point I did shoot a huge load, in her mouth and on her face, her slow stroking the last drop onto her tits she was holding up w/ the other hand. Seeming quite pleased w/ herself, telling Lough singles to left, doesn't realize it me how fun that was I was shocked. I had only cum on her face once and she was pissed. Now she seemed all turned on by it.
πŸ’‹Are you staying Housewives seeking nsa Dewey Oklahoma 74029 on the Strip πŸ’‹ w4m πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹Are9 you staying on the0 strip9 and 6looking4 for a 8nice clean4 girl to8 have a8 good time7 laugh plus more give me a Call ill come see youπŸ’‹πŸ’‹
be able to keep money/things that were never her's in the first place. That isn't 'locking Hastings ne swingers. Local horny Girls her up' or anything. Maybe she won't be able to enjoy the Fuck dates kind of life 'to which she has become accustomed', but that's her bum luck for having married a 'cad'. She should just live like the rest of us, for her few remaining years. Not out of punishment, tho.
our paternalistic roots, the view that women were "incapable" of things like murder, which is sexism at its worst (-!? I TOLJA I was not a Neanderthal!). Wome DO commit, just not usually as violently (tho this is changing in our post-feminist society) and so not as spectacularly. Female into Pegging. You never a woman going "postal" for example but you do poison dozens of people and they recieve much less harsh punishment for it, ineed. Moreover, look at the whole "cougar" phenomenon right now it is considered ubber "sexy" for a 45-50+ woman to be bedding a 20-something guy, right? But TODAY, we say "eewwwww!" when we grandpa bedding a girl who "could be his own granddaughter!" That is NOT sexy Why?
Though I certainly could. I was asking him the other day why he enjoys cleaning. He said he gets a sense of accomplishment from finishing a task, that sort of thing. He only likes to clean for others. He HATES cleaning his room, which I find intriguing. He likes to please, which is why he's so obedient. I've been thinking of situations where he can't possibly accomplish his task, thereby opening Housewives wants sex tonight Hazelton Idaho him up to punishment. I want him to be uncomfortable for a change. He needs to learn to deal with failure, that people (namely me) won't just bail on him when he fucks up. Interestingly enough, we've been doing more pet play as of late. He likes to imagine himself curled up in my lap being petted. I imagine he finds the petting and objectification comforting. I haven't exactly asked him why. It's hard for him to pinpoint some things, so I hold off.
new to Texas- young professional 28BM m4w Recently relocated to Texas from the northeast. Looking to make new friends. Let's see, I work full time and currently attending graduate school full time for my MBA. I keep myself as busy as possible. Marine lover/stripper looking to please I do enjoy on my freetime sports, politics, card games (which I haven't found a lot of people who play spades, sadly; or even know what it is) lol, fitness, shooting pool, bowling, arts, music, pretty much keeping myself as active as possible. So if you think we can co exist, hit me up. Recently posted something similar in the male section and received the wrong type of emails.
P.s. I am in a now long distance relationship and utilizing this tool on a friendship/network basis only.
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